Sunday, August 6, 2006

Yugantham Telugu Movie

yugantham movie swarna malya actress yugantham is an attempt by tamil director, producers to present some sci-fi movie relating the dooms day with meteors , comets from moon and some cult to bring down evil forces to perish the mankind. Totally, the picture appears to be confused plot with lack of depth in the story homework. One lady like annie besant researches on these things, agora etc and analyses the stones came from comet with simple beakers and titration methods, in this age to find out the analysis of sample. The great scientist is nasser who tries to find reason behind all the events. His assistant is swarna malya, the heroine. In addition to her presence some more two girls and three boys who come for research under the professorship of nasser. Swarna malya actress action and appearance is ok. The other girls are ok but not much action has been given. The plot , story of Yugantham may not be liked by telugu people, but for rurla masses this may be ok. It offers a bit thrill and change from normal movies, though in small magnitude.