Saturday, August 26, 2006

Boss I love you movie Review

This is a movie for Nagarjuna. He is coming with another movie to try his luck. His Ramadas movie has been just okayed by gentle men of andhra pradesh, after a deep silence. Because , enough work is not done in that movie. Now a days the problem with many stars, particularly with Nagarjuns is that they are not stressing on a variety, home work, new methods. They are just nodding head for a good director with an old theme with a belief that the director can make this movie also a success just like the director's previous movie.There are half a dozen reputed directors now and a dozen heroes longing for a great hit. There will be combinations of these directors and these heroes and run out of mill will come to us. A big hero some how spoils the story, and the director get a flop. Then he goes to a small hero, works hard and makes a hit. Then again the heroes run towards the director needing a quick hit. The same story is continuing in the industry. Super was a duper failure. The director took all precautions and made a super duper hit with another hero . Now the hero of the super movie is coming with another director.
Nagarjuna is a special hero. He got good looks, height and a good brought up from akkinenni and he got good philosophical approach for any thing. When he has such a calibre, he should act differently, and can create some new things within his calibre. Ofcourse, his contribution for annamayya, ramadas are commendable.But he need to do a lot before he says good bye.
Now he is taking support of two beautiful lasses, nayana tara and poonam baajwa. Ofcourse these heroines can divert the attention of the audience (who search for a good reason, why this movie should be made and seen) for some extent. But they can not divert a disaster. This is a proven truth in Movie field. The hero should restrict his unreasonable romances with these girls, and do some acting. Again caution for nagarjuna.. he should reduce his futile romance and concentrate on other acting skills. People got bored up wtih elder heroes romances, as they have fresh young heroes for romance. These elderly heroes should utilize their hard earned experience of acting skills and spell bound audience. Pokiri was hit because , futile romance is not there. Shanker dada was hit as meaningless romance is less.
We are not very much sure about the Director , V.N.Aditya's skills. Nagarjuna shirts selection is good in some songs of this movie.


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