Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Director Mani Ratnam

dalapathi, roja, nayakan, yuva, dilse, mumbai, geetanjali, anjali, donga donga, iddaru,
Mani ratnam, though basically belongs to tamil film industry, we can claim him as ours also, as he added his contribution to our telugu cinema field through his remake/dubbings. He has shown a new way to reach the success with entertainment. His movies are Mouna ragam, Nayakudu, anjali, Geetanjali, amritha , dil se shook the telugu film world. He is a management graduate from jamanlal bajaj management institute. So he knows perfect management of the movie production, distribution, sales and publicity. He gave life to nagarjuna in geetanjali. He projected to nation ar rehaman through his roja movie. His songs are very melodious and very good selection in tunes and lyrics.His chayya chayya became inspiration for our arya movie (aa ante amalapuram). His nativity creation , scene environment creation are very great and could not be copied by all. His plot will also show how matured he is and how selective he is. It is understood he likes sports and particularly golf. A sportmanship helped him to finish the movie game properly. A particular movie Amritha is an exceptional creation. This may not be liked by mass, who just spare two hours for entertainment and go off to their works. This is a class movie for class people, who think a lot about the movie ingredients. This amritha picture created in the back ground of ceylong, refugees, war and tamilnadu. The scenes are excellent. Some scenes when the refugees exode in a big long line, with all their bag and baggage is excellent. The rockets launching, the environment, the blue rainy sky , the feelings in the faces of madhavan and simran were excellent and speak a lot about the the plot , environment, the climate of the movie without any dialogue about them. This type of movie making is seldom seen in our direct telugu directors. If you take a scene from amritha, there will be some scenes where a small kid will be talking to an old man while every body is packing off from village in ceylong, we have to see the great action shown by the kid, his feelings in face . Exceptionally natural and impressive.