Friday, September 8, 2006

Legendary telugu cinema

A legendary means a person who has contribute a great amount to the film industry and also who has influenced the trends of the the industry. NT Ramarao, Akkineni nageswara rao , sv rangarao are legendaries . Even now, new and old actors some where imitate them and get influence from their actions. If you give any legendary award to ANR it is an honour to the award itself. Recently Chiranjeevi was given. It is very premature to award him, at this point. Because in recent years or in olden days, there was no such exemplary contribution in action from him, except commercial movies. More over , now a days he is flooded with costly awards like padma bhushan, doctorate etc. I dont know why the awarding world woke up from long sleep and awarding all in a year of time. Definitely some political brain can be seen behind all these. It would be nice for the actor to get rid of these , because the more faster you get costly awards, the more risk you have to be pointed out.
Nirmallamma, anjalidevi contributed a lot to the industry through action. But they have no fans and politicians for such awards.