Saturday, August 26, 2006

Indian Beauty-Telugu Cinema

Telugu Cinema Indian Beauty is coming to offer a cross culture love story. An indian girl and an american dude fall in love and face the problems of routine love threats plus cultural hurdles. Interesting point is the heroine of this movie is Saila Rao, and she is the grand daughter of Mrs Anjali Devi who ruled the telugu cinema field for decades. Saila Rao is playing opposite to Collin Mc Gee. Hope Saila Rao takes action as her ancestral property from her grandma. But she is a bit darker to the existing heroines. On top of that she is playing the title role for the Indian Beauty cinema. So, she has to rely on her actions to outsmart the white skin hero. Anjali Devi is a strong Devotee. Perhaps that may be the reason for the traditional stills of saila rao. Look at parvathi melton. She is giving all types of poses in all dresses.Since the story is a cross culture, based on USA and made with new young pair, chances are high to attract people to peep in to theatres.Only saila Rao should take strong lessons in action from grandma. Saila Rao is claimed to be a good dancer and was brought up in USA.

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