Saturday, August 26, 2006

Megastar chiranjeevi- Stalin Movie

Chiranjeevi is coming with Stalin very soon. Murugadoss is directing this movie. This is the costliest production of recent times. Every chiranjeevi movie would be costly for that time when it was released. Infact, every chiranjivi movie gives employment for lot of people because of the high cost of production. Now, this stalin is having expectations from his fans who are waiting for a good success for chiru.Murugadoss proved himself well in gajini movie and his direction was very good. However, many new comers in the industry get success in first two movies and then they could not continue success further like director teja. Hope murugadoss proves that he has the strength to give a good hit with chiranjeevi, which would change his fate. Already roumours are here that he is charging around 3 crores as remuneration. Another roumour is that mallika sherawat asked 1 crore as remuneration for just an item song, while heroine trisha is toiling for 75 lakhs . She got annoyed when director was about to fix mallika sherawat at this exhorbitant price. Her pleading is justified. Audience stopped to watch movies just for item songs. They watch for good heroine performances (if hero is silent). Trisha, sriya, asin, kamalini mukherji run the show well from heroine side and pull audience to the hall. If music is good and songs are hit a movie runs well. Let murugadoss depend on superhit songs than item songs. Now a days chiranjivi is unable to give good super hit songs .There is another roumour that chiru is seriously trying to push his son into action arena. With that 80 percent of movie heroes would be from established telugu actor families. Young ,new faces will have tough time for some time. But , it is difficult to confuse, telugu audience for a long time with some type of sentiment or other. They pay only for real entertainment. They may not see who did it. Recently two advertisement gimmicks failed to work. one with pournami movie. They advertised as real old story etc. none bothered whether it is old or new. Second one is Amritha varsham. Advertisement hype was high that amitabh first time acted, a nice pair of hero heroine etc. This also not worked. people never pay just for one uncommitted appearance of Amitabh bachan or anybody.
So it is better to stick to the core business and try to impress audience with real skills and arts.

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