Thursday, October 26, 2006

Emandoyi sreevaru movie

Emandoy Srivaru: Telugu producers and ordinary telugu cinema story writers recently caught a theme. One hero marrys elder sister, without the permission of girl's parents, or without their knowledge. Then that heroine dies. He comes to the second sister house, tries to impress them to marry or perform marriage to the second daughter. The same theme in Pourami, and now in emandoy srivaru. Same theme repeated. Srikanth loves and marries sneha. Sneha parents , particularly the TV artist sarathbabu rejects the proposal. (why the great sarath is titled as tv sarath babu is , he down graded his action to tv serial level in this movie. this is a paradox.) . Srikanth and sneha marry, have a baby. Sneha slipps from top stairs and dies. Srikanth reaches with smiles to nikhita's house. one or two duets. He tries to help the family. They think otherwise. Nikhita wants to marry. Srikanth resists for no good reason. Finally marrys her. Thats all. Nikhita is ok. Sneha is a fast ideas girl, with love in her mind always. Srikanth stuck up in his actions to these types of roles and movies. He is not trying to rise a bit. Sunil is ok. He is growing day by day, and becoming important link in main story , from a comedian role.Venu madhav is satisfactory. This is avarage picture.

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