Friday, November 24, 2006

Khatarnak cinema- Illiana and Ravi teja

ravi teja, illiana from khatarnak movie
Illiana and Raviteja are pairing in this new telugu cinema khatarnak. Ravi teja's previous movie vikramarkudu could not dent on the hearts of his fans and telugu cinema audience. Atleast , hope this picture makes some impact . The reasons for the expectations are, ravi teja very fluent in dialogue delivery and his dialogues as well as stunts will have a punch while illeana or iliana heroine will throb the hearts of the audience with her charms and trends. Music director keeravani is providing music while amma rajasekhar is directing this movie. His ranam , earlier movie was just ok. A good director and good time are required to make a good film. Recently illiana acted in one tamil movie also, but it has not created ripples as it created in telugu movie land. Hope illiana settles in telugu cinema field. Producer is BVN prasad. His previous venture was Chatrapathi movie. Chatrapathi was excellent till the interval, where it scored full marks till intervel and the second half scored only 70 percent marks. If the first half trend was continued, it could have been as good as Pokiri telugu movie.
Expectation Factor:70%


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