Monday, November 6, 2006

Andala Ramudu Review

This is a special picture with many respects. This is the picture where one of the top heroines of tollywood is fighting back for a position for survival after her big fall and misfortunes. The comedy actor, versatile sunil is trying his best to occupy entire movie and test his talents to run a movie on his name. This is an experiment picture which will pave a way for down trodden actors , actress to fight a come back. So we have to view this picture from this angle.
This is a picture where you can find sunil in every frame and he could justify his role and made the audience to sit quietly and enjoy the movie without bore. He got many talents and we have already witnessed or identified his talents in previous movies. He is a best unique who is more like a second hero in many movies. He fills the gaps of the movie story by always being with the hero and witnessing the twists in the movie. He is the actor who advises the hero or reveals the sacrifices of the hero in movie. No substitute to him in these roles.
In this Andala ramudu movie, he has shown his talents of switching his expressions very fast, he has proved that he can do roles where sorrow expressions have to be shown. He is very modest in expressing his talents (unlike ali) and we will notice his talents rather than his selling of his actions. Audience fully enjoyed his jokes, his dialogues and particularly his dances. lots of whistles and claps for his dances, even in city like chennai. People whole heartedly enjoyed his dances, which were a surprise to them. One song picturisation was very good where the dresses, the back drop were selected very well. The song is made up of 4 colors, red, green, black and crimson. All the actors in the song wear these colors , each at a time while back drop is also reflects these colors. (just like pachchadaname pachchadaname song of mani ratnam). Sunil's modern dance and steps are also appreciated.
heroine aarti agarwal gave a good fight back and won the hearts of the audience. Most of the initial scenes reflected her real life pathetic feeling but at the end of the movie she will be having winning smiles. People accepted her wig. She is cute with her fair color complexion in this movie.
Story is village back drop story. But picturisation is good. Nativity is good. editing should be improved. noticed some songs ending abruptly.
Aakash can take rest. People would ignore soon. Direction is mediocre as it fails at many places to give plausible explanation to the roles. How aakash, who is a poor guy in a village can shout on sunil who is a big land lord of 400 acres land. How a peasant who works in sunil's farms can raise against him is beyond our comprehension. Brahmanandam has a worth less role in this and if he accepts and plays such roles, he looses his rank. Kota has limited role which will not satisfy our apetite. sunil's grand ma doesnot reflect her age. she looks young.
You can watch this movie, just for a change and to see sunil's histrionics.
Rating: 60%

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