Friday, November 3, 2006

Priya sakhi - Madhavan and sada

priya sakhi telugu movie, sada madhavan This is a movie from tamil. Madhavan and sada acted in this movie. This would be above avarage movie because of the presence of madhavan and the rich getups for heroined sada. Sada dresses were good in this movie. Madhavan has limited capabilities for action and expressions. But within that limitations, he makes it very impressive. If you see his recent ramji londonwale movie, his action and expressions were very impressive. His performance in satyam sivam along with kamal hasan was also good, though limited. In this movie, he is the sakhi (short cut name of santana krishnan), while the heroine sada is Priya who comes from a rich family to live with sakhi , madhavan because of their love marriage. It is very difficult for sada to adjust to the ordinary mediocre family life of sakhi, with her sophisticated family back ground. How both struggle together and come to compromise is the essence of the movie. Sada is an actor who started with telugu film jayam and now reached a high position to act in costly, reputed banners. She is lucky. But she needs a lot to improve for lip synchronization to songs. She has yet to polish her action, in this competetive field. We dont know if she could complete her engineering studies.