Sunday, November 26, 2006

Kamal Hassan talented actor

kamal hassan in vetaidu vilaiyadu movie
Kamal Hassan is called sakala kala vallavan, for a long time, indicating that he knows all the arts. He is really multi talented actor or he dictates the action on the screen. If any one says that none is comparable to him in action , it is not exaggeration. He has proved it with his long action career of about 32 years , with most diversified action roles. We have seen him in commercial form from Avar oru todar kadhai ( Antuleni katha) with his song Taali kattu subha vela, like vikata kavi.

He caught the attention of the audience by that role immidiately, and rajani kanth also entered from that movie through K. Bala chander. He got more prominent role in the same film and he acted well too. But , as time continued, rajani kanth became mass, hero diverting from pure action while kamal hassan has grown from heights to sky acting in all types of roles, which no other actor can venture to do .

He was glamour boy in the initial times in andamaina anubhavam, idi katha kadu, sommu okadidi..,etc.But his movies pushpak, Bharatiyudu, Bhamane satya bhamane, saagara sangamam, satyam sivam, nayakudu, Indrudu chandrudu are some of the wonderful characterized roles where he lived in them. Bharatiyudu role stands very tall among all of these which none can imitate. Every movement as an old man was his creation, and he kept his father in mind while acting the old man role. If you look at the stunt scene and dialogue deliveries in the old man role,
they are entirely different from what other directors routinely create. Recent satyam sivam movie is also a wonderful action role for him, where he shows the psychology of such person. He shows the anger (while talking about fear) well in poturaju movie while he is interviewed in a jail. He shows the true respect to father in kshatriya putrudu movie which none portrayed again like that and his trend of long hair in that movie was also very good and suitable.

His dance in saagara sangamam movie is excellent and none beat that in future even. He mixed art and glamour in that dance song naada vinodam song. His expression of happyness and joy in a scene after the dialogue "Thenikaina idi vundalandi" is marvellous. He received 14 times the film fare award in India while chiranjeevi who also entered the field almost at the same , got 7 film fare awards till now. Chiru is very happy even for this shows how much he also respects kamal hassan.
Another important aspect and unique trend with kamal hassan is his quick dialogue delivery with action mixed, which creates laughter uncontrollable. Take for example the movies pancha tantram, Tenali, navvandi lavvandi, Brahmachari, Mumbai express. In all these movies, he and his sorrounding characters create fun with pun of dialouges, quick and timely delivery of dialogue with action . This could not be created with any other directors, actors in India.
He married sarika , hindi actress. His favourite actors are SV Rangarao, Sivaji Ganeshan and Charlie Chaplin. Kamal Hasan is an actor who dictates action like tikkana dictated the telugu language and all are proud of him for his contribution to movie arts.