Saturday, January 20, 2007

kubusam telugu movie-excellant film

Now and then some very good thought provoking movies come in telugu films too. One similar movie which was released four years back was kubusam. This movie has many merits. Sree hari, manivannan and some other young budding actors acted in this movie. The story is entirely about the peoples war movement, naxalism and atrocities by the rural heads and police. The greatness of the movie lies in showing the story, very close to real incidents and the picturisation contains full information about the people's war movement, their problems, their internal troubles. The direction was superb and we get full satisfaction when we see the movie. People who read only news papers about this movement may have different thinking and opinion. Somewhere i have seen one commentator asking how many days we can see these movies of blasting and naxalism. But the truth is, if you go to a village and see how badly the citizens of India , the poor kings, are treated by the rich, the educated and officials. Unless you have the first hand experience with the sufferings in villages, tribes, you can not appreciate the struggle. This struggle is not for just for fun sake like some separate state agitation, which is meant for political gains. Since there is so much depth and force in these agitations, the government had to yield and come down for discussions with them. It is impossible to crush these agitations with iron boots. Anyway, one song in this picture is very very good and surpasses the song of Nee padam meeda puttu machachanai chellamma.. song which got award. This song is Palle kanneerau tunnadi.. song, sung by vande mataram srinivas and acted by srihari. The lyric is superb and picturises the present status of villages in one song. For the people who love to think in which direction india is going, this is one picture to be watched and thought of.

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