Thursday, January 18, 2007

Annavaram Movie Review

asin actress annavaram telugu cinema
Pawan kalyan takes lot of time to complete and release his picture, and meanwhile lots of things happen in the movie world and he gets some shocks. Annavaram directed by Bhimaneni sreenivasarao. As told many times, now a days all directors who gave some type of hits before 2004 can not direct a film to the satisfaction of present audience. Same is the case with the movie. The direction picturisation of this movie resembles a movie directed ten years back. Old narration methods, bad editing (indeed very bad), poor music by gogula tests the patience of the audience. What we can see in this movie is a depressed look in pawan kalyan. There is no bright ness , sharp ness , joy in his face or eyes all through the movie, may be because he was far from a hit. Yet this depressed look merged with his role. The grace from him in this movie is his action as a brother.His love expression to a sister would be unique and we feel it from tammudu movie onwards. Same good love shown here by pawan , specially. His action when he offers a ring as a gift in haarathi pallem to asin and the dialogue by him at that point is also good. Fights and stunts nothing special. We have seen this type of medium fights lots of times. MS narayana, ali, brahmanandam, venu madhav all failed to give good performance because of ignorance and laxity by the director and producer. Sandhya is not very impressive because of her big nose. Only by the presence of Asin heroine, we can ensure that we are watching a recent movie. Her make up , her action are very good. These heroines like trisha, asin try to boost the morale of the films to their best , but all other elements bring the tempo down. Scenes editing is very poor. Some places the scene suddenly ends while we expect some thing there. The picture lacks a subham card and abruptly ends too. The death scene of venu madha prolonged , and this picture is not suitable for such scenes. That scene fits well with R Narayana murthy films or Srhari movies. The singer tone should be changed for pawan kalyan, and better get sung by balu, as the tone of the present singer is very pale for pawan. Pawan kalyan mexican dresses in a song looks good. His body movements at some steps in songs are good.Now a days, it is very difficult to impress audience unless you complete the movie in 3 months. This annavaram has long gestation period like elephant gestation period and gave birth to a rabbit. Picture is not very bad but this much time need not be taken for this picture. Choreography is poor and outdated.One bad custom crept into the movies now a days. The entrance song for hero will come abruptly , without establishing him . In this movie and in stalin also. Then we can not enjoy the song. Song is also not good. The introduction for the hero is too much. That much introduction, and later a dull picture spoils the image. Comedy is very poor in this movie.If you select better actors for the roles, you can improve the movie.

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