Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Maharathi Balakrishna

balakrishna and sneha from maharadhi telugu movie
Telugu Cinema Maharathi is coming with Balakrishna, sneha and meera jasmine. Balakrishna is coming to test his calibre once again. Atleast he is trying this time with a black beard, though the make up appears a bit artificial. Something is better than nothing.It is better for sneha to act with big stars like bala krishna for her career though she may not win in glamour idol roles. Balakrishna advantages: clear pronounciation of dialogues, a bit command over the dialogues and language like his father. His expressions in anger is good. But the directors , with unwanted enthusiasm, spoiling the story of balakrishna with unwanted sentiments, fights and twists. Sneha dresses are good and she looks pretty in sarees.
Meera jasmine pictures are not widely publicised in this movie publicity. There was a trouble because of meera jasmine in the begining of the film, as she ran away from the shooting, probably because of advice by Ravi teja. People say that ravi teja had to offer a personal apology for that act. Anyway, meera jasmine deserves this much attention? This picture is directed by P.Vasu who directed Chandramukhi. Though chandramukhi was a big hit, his direction could be praised only for few scenes like the chandramukhi song, in the end and rajanikanth action as the king of the court. It is seen that Vasu really acts every scene minutely and asks the actors to follow it. He is that great, but chandramukhi has lot of useless things, meaningless scenes, acts though it was copied from a successful Apta mitra kannada movie.
There are possibilities that balakrishna may be in dual role or triple role. Old jayaprada is reentering telugu cinema. Anyway she lost her charms. In this movie she is a woman returned from London to run a music school.What is the meaning of Maharathi? The archer warrior who can fight with ten thousand archers. Karna and Arjuna were maharathis, though Bhishma once referred karna as Artha Ratha.
Expectation Factor:60%

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