Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Prabhas Becoming into Yogi

yogi movie, prbhas and nayana tara , picture was not a hit
Prabhas has a special place in the hearts of the telugu audience because of his very good personality , which is God's gift which no other hero has presently. Added to it, his action, dances fights are catching masses expectations. His varsham, chatrapathi movies are very good. Varsham came in the begining of the action floods and so, the picturisation was mediocre but songs were too good and they stand apart from other songs. Choreography was also good in varsham. Chatrapathi was high tempo till the interval and further also good except the unwanted sentiment ointment. Pournami theme is different and disappointed the masses because of other reasons than prabhas presence. But songs from pournami were very good and melodious. Thus Prabhas movie difinitely brings good opening collections. Fortnunately now he is acting with moderately better heroine like nayanatara. The most important factor for high expectation for the movie is the director v.v.vinayak. He is really a good director, proven track record, but some failures and mis attempts . But he knows how to raise the temo of a movie. So, this time, since vinayak is hungry for success, he will put all efforts to make a big commercial hit. Now a days Pokiri success is the yard stick for any commercial success. Music is by Ramana Gogula . If he can give two or three good tunes thats enough for this prabhas to make an above avarage film, without any effort. Nayanatara is at the border of becoming stout and care should be taken. Directors are projecting her mostly sarees , for this reason. Nagarjuna again met a flop with this heroine in his Boss which raised expectations.
Presently, as told earlier in these columns, there is a trend in the telugu industry. 4 directors like vinayak, rajamouli etc, and 4 to 6 heroes like venkatesh, nagarjuna, balakrishna mahesh babu and three or four heroines like trisha, asin, nayanatara, meera jasmine. For any movie, combinations of these three sets are working.

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