Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pellaina Kottalo Movie

Jagapathi babu and priya mani acted in this social family movie. Jagapathi babu is in to production spree and fastly acting and releasing his movies. This is an art which pavan kalyan should learn. You should have some movie running in some theater till you hit the bull's eye. Jagapathi babu is in this route and , because of this route he will be always in news and his image collects above avarage collections. His recent movie samanyudu spent some money on advertisement and boosting his image through title song and tv interviews.Now priya mani is a young slim heroine. She acted previously in a telugu movie Evare athagadu. This movie is an avarage movie, but she looked beautiful and good in modern dresses and traditional dresses in that movie. Her action was also not bad. But this pellaina kottalo movie seems not offering good dresses to her nor jagapathi babu. The director is the producer of aa naluguru movie. His attempt for this story is commendable. The story is about love marriage of software industry employees. Jagapathi babu is a software engineer while priyamani is working in a BPO. So, the theme is very modern. The conflicts and misunderstandings between the lead pair is the main theme. It can attract women folk. This movie can run avarage, without any loss.

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