Friday, January 26, 2007

Sneha Manasu palike mouna raagam

sneha actress from manasu palike mauna ragam movie
Sneha's recent venture Manasu Palike mouna Raagam got released. Hero is not an established one,Vikramadityan. sneha is good looking and has good knowledge of telugu though born and brought up in dubai. She acted in a few important telugu cinemas like ramadasu. But some how she is not fit for glamorous roles, which are taken away by illiana, asin and trisha. She suits well for family dramas where she can try to establish herself. People say this movie has some base or resemblence with her real life episode of love story. There was some disturbance for her from her ex boy friend and she had to struggle to get rid of him. Sneha denied the chance of having any relation to this cinema with her real life incident. To come up and stabilise in this movie land, she should act with established heroes rather than like this upcoming hero. These new heroes may not help to her career but may be obstacle for her success.Sarath babu LB Sriram, Suman Setty, Chandana, Aiswarya are also acting in this movie while nagabhushan , a new director directed this movie. Similarly new music director Radha krishnan provided music. Can we find any relation in the names vikramadityan, nagabhushan,radha krishnan...?

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