Saturday, January 20, 2007

khatarnak Illiana-Rakhi Iliana

khatarnak movie lleana

The talk from khatarnak movie is not encouraging. As discussed earlier, the telugu directors have lot of rotten directors who just want to shoot something and throw at the face of audience. But audience matured fast and they are very critical in judging the movie. So, 70% of movies, even with big stars are failing at box office. These , all these directors can not direct present time movie. Only three or four directors know what audience want. For a great hit only these four directors can do.So no regrets for the khatarnak avarage performance but we are worried about ravi teja and iliana. Both are very valuable for the industry. Ravi teja should be very very careful to select the director. Illiana looks good mostly in the fashion dresses and city girl roles. Her dresses should be selected very carefully and two good songs should be there for her.

ileana from rakhi movie

When these are failed, the film can not impress. Look the image of illiana here. Her legs exposed.When her legs are covered with good skirt or gown she looks good.Her body is not very much exercised body. Rakhi has a good director. Illiana is there with Junior NTR. But when charmi is also taken, full justice can not be done to the costly heroine illiana. Jr NTR needs a hit badly.Charmi looks good but her disproportionate body is not suiting the dresses. This punjabi kudi needs also a good hit.

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