Friday, February 2, 2007

Sentiment blows to tollywood

annavaram movie pawan kalyan asin
The forth coming movies and recent releases in our telugu movies are based on sentiment, for unknown reasons. We donot know how and why the producers are inclined to sentiments. It is obvious that telugu audience are now not ready to receive any type of messages, sentiments. They stopped believing the ads like real story (refer pournami). They just want some good, variety picturisation with enough humour. Presently the movie rakhee is based on sister sentiment with violence. The forth coming annavaram is also based on sister sentiment with fights .

yogi movie prabhas nayanatara Yogi movie is based on mother sentiment, which would be difficult to digest. If the mother sentiment is controlled in chatrapathi, it would have a better success.Yogi song is in a new, peculiar type with the lyric un comprehensible, like yogi nannu korikai, namileyi . Now a days, if you see the audio release functions, the faces of the actors, directors are very pale as they had to lie that they are providing wonderful music and thousands of cassettes were already sold. We donot know who is buying so hurriedly these cassettes.