Saturday, February 3, 2007

Adilakshmi movie sridevi, srikanth navin

adilakshmi movie sridevi Adilakshmi is a movie another struggle by srikanth, vadde navin with sridevi. Sri devi is daughter manjula actress.
Her action in nuvve naa pranam with tarun was good. When occasion is there, sri devi can show good action which is impressive. But she has not got very good personality. Sri kanth is unable to come out of his frame to give a good , variety action to survive. Navin attempted different action in naa oopiri. Though that action was good enough, the director could not make it a big hit as the psychological disorder was prolonged beyond limits. The title is a lady oriented title to attract atleast the womenfolk from rurla areas to give some money . City folks never go for these lady sentiments much.