Saturday, February 3, 2007

Sainikudu Movie Review

Sainikudu is a big flop , proved within three days after release. Halls are becoming empty and viewers are watching this movie without a smile or reaction. They were just shocked for this movie after the great build up of mahesh babu in pokiri.
But one thing is sure. If such movie is to be taken , only three directors are capable of doing it. They are vv vinayak, rajamouli and poori jagannath. None else can do such violence movie, convincingly. When gunasekhar and aswini dutt attempted a movie, naturally, we can not expect any thing from them.
The story is struggle of a idle medico to force the politicians to serve the public. He kidnaps the bride of the villian and all the movie he will be running with her, so as to get her love expressed in the end for him.
Mahesh babu action is nothing special. Just avarage. Trisha tried to fill some action and sparks in her role and she succeeded. The director and producer created big sets and made the actors to take lot of pains to act in the stunts. Later he gave pains to us while watching the movie. Unwanted stunts , jumpings without logic gives head ache to every one.
Music is not good. Choreography is very old type. This movie can run few weeks , had it been released one year back. Anyway, it is a bit better than stalin movie. The villian could not perform well and his character was not carved properly. He is shown such a fool that he runs as goonda to every where, though he is home minister. He tries to blast bombs when his bride is with the kidnapper.
Anyway, this movie is a big debacle. Perhaps mahesh babu accepted this movie before pokiri, not expecting the big success of pokiri. But next movies of his can be better.