Saturday, February 3, 2007

Good Telugu Actors

tarun telugu actor Tarun:Tarun is a great actor for the telugu cinema industry. He started his career as a child artist and won lot of prizes in that and once he got best child artist award in anjali movie, and he had to stay in a hotel, where jackie chan also stayed. He was discussing the details of that day, after seeing how many rooms were occupied by jackie chan and his body gaurds in a five star hotel. Tarun has lot of specialities which many of the heroes are not yet having. His expressions in face, body and dialogue delivery are par excellent. He acts like a lover boy very easily and suits well. His action in nuvve kavali, nuvve naa pranam and nuvve nuvve are models for good acting. Good comic dialogues work well through him when a good dialogue writer like trivikram srinivas writes. His mother is rojaramani who contributed well through action and dubbing. He got far better name than his mother and his mother and telugu audience are proud of him. His dances are also good. If we see , i am very sorry song, his dance was very impressive.He got a team of trendy actress friends like trisha, shriya etc who are good buddies.He was having good feelings towards aarti agarwal but it is another pathetic story.
venu madhav telugu comedy actorVenu Madhav
Venu madhav entered telugu film industry few years back and now stabilised his position here. He has a variety of comedy track with him. He is very good in imitating the styles and roles very easily. His dialogue delivery quickness, swifness is beyond comparision. He delivers dialogue very quickly packed with lot of action. His Once more please program in gemini tv is also enjoyed very well by all . The combination with uday bhanu , the versatile anchor, was good. Venu madhav's recent comedy in Lakshmi movie is fantastic with telangana shakuntala.98 percent of his roles will be full of comedy. When he plays a lusty, lecherous role or falling flat for any women role, he is the number one. None can beat his mannerisms when he shows his vulgar advancements to any woman through his dialogues, sounds and action.