Monday, February 26, 2007

illiana tamil movie

illiana or ileana from tamil movie kedi
Iliana acted in Tamil film Kedi, to test in that field. Ravi krishna acted in this film. Ravi kirshna produced the hit film 7G Brindavana colony. This picture theme, attempt is very good and higer than the present day shallow telugu films coming with top heroes of telugu. Music is also very good as well as lyrics in this 7/G Brindavan colony. Ravi krishna informed at that time, that the story is based on real story, incidents that happend in his KK nagar colony, chennai. There is some type of similarity for this cinema and Naa oopiri film acted by Naveen. Both see non existing persons and talk to them. (inspiration from Beautiful Mind movie). But 7/G brindavan picturisation is more plausible than naa oopiri.
Now Ravikrishna acted with our Illiana in this kedi movie. All andhra people take illiana as their own find out . So we are curious how her performance is in tamil . This film is not a big hit and her performance was out shined by another second heroine in that movie, tamanna. Iliana make up , dresses were also not good in that kedi movie. She deserves all the fashionable dresses for glamour purpose and they suit her very well.
Though tamil film of illiana did not give much impact on the hearts of tamil brothers, she is coming back with blasters in the movie Khatarnak with raviteja which may give boost to her to her already fast going career.

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