Monday, February 26, 2007


Andhra people generally will be happy to hear that actor chiranjeevi, would be conferred Doctarate by Andhra university. But a few things stand in our mind. The more felicitations, awards , honours you receive , the higher the responsibility to live worth of them. When some one gets an award like doctorate in action, he should justify for that by showing wonderful action and committment to action, like rajendra prasad. He got doctorate quite early and we are all proud of his contribution to humour in the film industry. He gave heroism to comedian and he dictated action in humour. His latest contribution in aa naluguru is very much appreciated by one and all. Unfortunately, in case of chiranjeevi, the quality is reducing day by day while his remuneration is rising to sky (presently around 6 crores, industry estimate). When you demand that much, you have to serve that much also. Kamal Hasan demands 5 crores and he has dictated action in movie industry which none can surpass in present days. As per our good old story, the king was moving in the streets with devine clothes , that only wise men see them. When a kid exclaimed that the king has no clothes , all the citizens got the wisdom.
This is not sharp criticism for him, but demanding the quality for the price we pay. we are the movie goers who pay 200 rupees per ticket on first day and get disappointed miserably, film after film. The more awards, you gather some how in quick time, the onus to maintain them would also be very high. On one side ANR got all the awards , but he had created maximum variation in the action and commanded action in one way. He played all roles , made super duper hits and his doctorate is worth of it. Hope the great stars feel the responsibility before gathering the doctorates.

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